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win a stadium truck kit?

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

THIS HAS NOW ENDED - Congrats Marc Burns on your win!

stadium truck continues to grow and we're looking at a record breaking entry count this upcoming weekend and all the haters are getting jealous! here's a chance to WIN one with this appreciation draw.

Donations for $15 to the BarnYard will get you a spot on the appreciation draw, once 50 spots are filled we will be picking a random name, once drawn will be heading over to MRG Racing and buying you a kit! Either the new Yokomo or Associated truck release, other trucks can be substituted but if they are at a higher cost, the winner would be required to cover it.

EMT's are preferred and would go to, also Paypal as a gift can be sent to

1. Mark Barrowclife

2. Greg Elgie

3. Chris Cooper

4. Cory Wolfe

5. Dan Pesant

6. Mark Petronis

7. Andre Rocheleau

8. Chris Cooper

9. Mike Dorey

10. Todd MacVicar

11. Jason Moser

12. Mark Barrowclife

13. Cory Wolfe

14. Chris Cooper

15. Randy Bush

16. Dave Underhill

17. Nelson Araujo

18. Doug Reimer

19. Gary Hartwick

20. Greg Elgie

21. Darren Martin

22. Jeremy Nuhn

23. Darren Martin

24. Randy Bush

25. Tom Hughes

26. Marc Burns

27. Johnny Sutej

28. Sean Bathurst

29. Monty Wolff

30. Andre Rocheleau

31. Darrin Quinn

32. Roger Shepherd

33. Mike Dorey

34. Ben Giglia

35. Allan Nichols

36. Marc Burns

37. Earl Davidson

38. Kurtis Ropp

39. Chris Cooper

40. Stephen Gagliardi

41. Mike Paszternak

42. Trevor Scott

43. Todd MacVicar

44. Trevor Scott

45. Sean Bathurst

46. Dan Pesant

47. Randy Bush

48. Darrin Quinn

49. Ben Giglia

50. Sean Bathurst


Help us continue to improve The BarnYard! any contributions are greatly appreciated!

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