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Sunday's Race Info

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

we've been waiting since the beginning of November, some of us has kept busy at other tracks others have been waiting patiently, either way this Sunday we will be back on track here at The BarnYard Carpet Track!

we have one heck of a crowd by the looks of things, our previous entry count record was 85 on the rug and with my current entry count we may hit that 100 entry mark. If you haven't voted on the poll or let me know your coming already that would be greatly appreciated as we are closing in on the full mark 😉

this being said we will have a lot of heats! we'll go over this again during the drivers meeting but be well aware we will be running a smooth and fast paced race program, a timer between heats will be ran as always and marshals need to be responsible to getting to their spots before that timer expires, the race will begin once that timer expires, no tolerance for racers being late! Three rounds of a rocket round format will be ran, with 4 minute heats and 6 minute mains, lets work together to do our best to finish at a good time!

Starting times for the day:


Practice: 1pm to 9pm


Doors Open: 6:45am

Track Opens: 7am

Registration Closes: 8:45am

Track Closes: 8:45am

Drivers Meeting

First Heat: 9:00am

Racers are asked to register before going on track, registration will be open as soon as the doors open! Find the Brayden! if you don't plan on arriving before 8:30am please send me a message on facebook so I can make sure I get you on the heat sheets!

Registration Fee's: $20, $10, $10

Pit spots will be marked, one spot per person as you could guess, make sure you leave any unnecessary items in the car, pack smart! May make things better off for you and the one's pitting beside you as the pit area may be tight!

being majority of the pit spots are the same, we're not worried if people who arrive Saturday leave their gear.

Coffee and Donuts will be out in the morning, the club will be serving lunch, Hotdogs and then Chili will be on the lunch menu.

MRG Racing will be onsite on raceday, not sure if any merchandise will be out being we're limited on space. Andrew from Skyracft will also be onsite!

everything will be broadcasted to LiveRC including live video!

lets go racing and help us beat our record this Sunday! it's gonna be some great racing that we've been waiting for, a while!


Help us continue to improve The BarnYard! any contributions are greatly appreciated!

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