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Skycraft Race Announcement!

Brayden Mckay

January 20 at 12:59 PM · tagAdd Topics

up next we got the Skycraft race on Feb 2nd!

as mentioned yesterday this race will have a bit of a shakeup too it!

I know we're not usually a fan of making changes once a series has begun but this race will award points as well.

The Skycraft race will still be in full effect! Trophies are on order and Skycraft will be onsite, remember you get $10 in store credit for every class you enter!

We felt this was for the best being the amount of people effected by weather yesterday, in the end it'll better the turnout for the skycraft race!

Being the fifth race added in, the series will be now best 3 of 5 to truly tell the 2019 BarnYard Carpet champions. Being the extra race is also providing an extra drop, this shouldn't effect people's chances of taking part in the series rather increase it. With factors in hand these first two races it still gives others who missed out a chance to jump onboard!

hope everyone is able to still make this event and support Skycraft! just remember if you couldn't, the series does have an extra drop.

Sorry for the late notice on this one but we think it is for the best in all cases!

you're upcoming Winter Series Events: Saturday February 2nd Sunday March 3rd Saturday March 23rd

any questions about this please let me know...meanwhile Feb 2nd is around the corner! itll be a big one! 🏁🏁


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