• Brayden McKay


- IMPORTANT - if at any point you have intentions of racing at the BarnYard this summer keep this in mind!

at the corner of Perth Line 26 and Highway 7 right at the D&S Tractor Dealership our road will be CLOSED as they are beginning construction of a roundabout. So you cannot access our road from that intersection, rather if you are taking Highway 7 you would be turning off at Line 20 instead and following this direction to allow you to access our road from the other side.

Where County Road 113 and our road meet as indicated by the green dot below is where EVERYONE will be passing to get on our road, closed signs will be present here but you are able to bypass these signs (you will not come into contact with any construction) as the other local businesses are also open, traffic is allowed.

Just wanting to clear up this info, in case anyone is surprised by the signs and of course if your coming via Highway 7 a quick detour is necessary!

Also if you're leaving the track to go to Tim Hortons or McDonalds or any locations close by on Erie Street there is an easy alternative but will cost you about 3-4mins


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