• Brayden McKay

Race 1 Recap!

race one is done :-) it was a chilly one but the track dried up and grooved in beautifully!

on what seemed like a small turnout with the amount that had to cancel last minute we still ended up with 104 entries!

thanks to all who helped and joined us for a fun day!

what a good way to kick off the season too on the track, like 2wd Buggy...that A should have been on video WOW was that awesome 😁 throughout the whole program close battles 👍

I'll get the results uploaded tomorrow on LiveRC

some more tweaks to make things a little smoother and lots more work ahead for our biggest race of the year and most likely of BarnYard history! the BRAWL is up in two weeks and we'll see ya excuses folks ;-)


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