• Brayden McKay

BRAWL is looking big!

the BarnYard BRAWL is a little over a month away and we're already pacing some big records 😁

160+ entries already on the list, I'd sign up soon if you haven't already!

especially for travelers this is the perfect weekend to come racing at The BarnYard, it'll be a fun weekend from the campgrounds to the racing itself which is shaping to be the best we've ever seen 😎 if you are new to our track and need info about the weekend, check out the Facebook Event and the info page on our website our feel free to ask any questions in the group!

the sponsor lineup keeps growing, trophies are on order, and even got some more exciting announcements to make throughout the next few weeks!

this is a true CANT MISS event! for the one's who don't know this is a FULL weekend, Friday is an optional practice day and Saturday we'll be rolling through three rounds of quals, with a final qual and mains on Sunday!

Get registered on rcsignup or pm me classes to reserve your spot at this years BarnYard BRAWL!


Help us continue to improve The BarnYard! any contributions are greatly appreciated!

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