• Brayden McKay

B6.1D ARTR giveaway!

one last go around for an online draw!

it went over so well last time so why not do it again, the ultimate RC package 2.0, go big or go home right?

a brand new b6.1d kit will come equipped with a NIP protek servo, muchmore electronics plus tires/inserts and rims along with the car! Not to mention your next raceday will be FREE at the barn, and I'll even throw in a BarnYard T-Shirt!

On top of all that, the lucky winner will get a free entry into both kit giveaways taking place at the BarnYard BRAWL weekend 😎

if you don't win? I'll draw two more names, 2nd and 3rd, they'll get a shirt and a free draw entry at the BRAWL!

for every $25 donation you'll get a spot, will go Live on facebook to draw when full!

could be a nice win for $25 eh ;-)

let us know if you want a spot or how many in the comment section! numbers will be randomly assigned.

(visit the facebook group to enter)

(emt address…/2PACX-1vTjVg63855GnmcghbzKa0a…/pub


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