• Brayden McKay

2019 Outdoor Important Info

the 2019 outdoor season is right around the corner here at The BarnYard, and after last year being our best one yet this season looks to be very similar as we continue to grow.

with a five race series on the horizon along with our other two big events the BarnYard BRAWL and Eighth Scale Showdown, we know it'll be a busy year of exciting racing on track.

last season we didn't know the exact outcome of what our season would be like, whether how many races we'd be able to host etc. Thankfully we were able to get a full season in, however we will be making some changes to our typical season format.

Thursday Night practices have been around for a while, and although we always enjoyed these, they unfortunately will be coming to an end on a weekly basis. I know we don't have regular hours to begin with but we had to make this decision for a few personal reasons. This was the area we decided to cut back on seeing how the racing has taken off, and especially in the middle of the summer, thursday crowds are often very low, and it is impossible to maintain or replicate race like conditions to practice on in these scenarios. However we would be willing to continue with those elements, but factors beyond our control we wanted to cut down this season.

We will have the odd practice here and there of course, where interest in present, obviously the interest is hard to find sometimes with other events happening. We will try and ensure some days of track time are available prior to the start of the season, but the build is hardly underway.

In almost all cases, the track will be open the day before the race as this went very well last year, many arriving for some laps, and some even camping. These days will be open to people not racing the next day as well.

In summary, our focus will be around the set race dates this summer, making the best out of those weekends in making the BarnYard racing the best it can be!

This being said, we will not be doing a season pass this summer, your support throughout the season as usual is always appreciated. Donations can be made through the website if you are still wanting to contribute at the beginning of the season!

Thanks for your understanding, race season kicks off Saturday May 11th with the first race of the 2019 Summer Championship Series


Help us continue to improve The BarnYard! any contributions are greatly appreciated!

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