here's a bit about us and where we got started, we have been running strong for nearly a decade and have came a long way!

The BarnYard is located outside of Stratford ON, Canada one of  Southern Ontario's many remote control racing facilities.


Known as The BarnYard, or "The Barn" to many, our track is located on our home farm, where it first began as the dirt track was built behind what was the old dairy barn. Ryan McKay owner and founder of the BarnYard had a passion for 1/5th Scale Racing back in 2010, and would begin to build in the backyard, as years passed, continued improvements to the facility itself brought bigger and better tracks, the racers came and so did the racing experience , we moved into the 1/8 Scale and 1/10 Scale Racing scene, from that day father and son Ryan and Brayden McKay work as a team to bring the best racing experience possible across the 1/10th Scale Racing community in Southern Ontario.


Later on we started an indoor clay track inside the Barn, and throughout a five-year span we continued to grow, improve and expand on our track. Through zoning and safety concerns, we had no choice but to permanently shut down the indoor track at the end of 2016. After a year off we came back even stronger with our outdoor track, continually making improvements to the facility around us, the track and track surface itself, we take pride in knowing we have one of the best racing atmospheres around. Each and every race day we have very close competitive racing across all levels, while having a fun laid back environment while getting everyone home at a decent time, The BarnYard is where many call their favorite place to play! 


This past winter we dipped our feet into the carpet racing scene, to fill that void in the Winter time, we had purchased a few rolls of Ozite Gray carpet and constructed some jumps, coming to an agreement with a local town hall, we had a place to race in the Winter! A very successful first season led us to continue to improve upon the place and so did the racing itself, it may be a small track, but a hell of a fun time at the track!


Now in our eighth season of The BarnYard we have came a long way and are dedictaed and continuing to serve this hobby!


We run at our outdoor facility from May to September while our carpet setup begins on ocasion through the Winter months.

Help us continue to improve The BarnYard! any contributions are greatly appreciated!

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